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request for information

Objavljeno: 22. Avgust 2010, 11:58
Napisal/-a escobar66
I am currently chief fire patrol at Carnival Cruise Lines. In September I will finish my contract for CCL and I will move to Slovenia where I have my family. In September I will start to arrange all formalities which need to be taken care of and are related to residence and work permits according to the legislation for foreign citizen in Slovenia. I have 10 years experience in fire-fighting in the United States and passed Broward Academy Courses for fire patrols.

I am writing this post as I would like to continue working in a fire-fighting unit in Slovenia. I would appreciate any additional information regarding employment possibilities in criteria that needs to be fulfilled.

I am learning and understanding Slovene, I am still not confident in writing.
Thanks for the help.
Omar Escobar