HazMat Training

Version 3.0

This site is the first step into the program, which has been developed by the Swedish Rescue Services Agency in co-operation with the Nordic countries and Slovenia. The program is an interactive tool using the concept of learning by doing. The HazMat Training Program is supposed to be used mainly by fire & rescue service personnel. The purpose of the program is to supply fire & rescue service personnel with a basic knowledge of hazardous materials. There is felt to be a considerable need for training in the subject of hazardous materials, partly because accidents involving chemicals are generally rare but therefore more dangerous.

The co-operation and the development of the program is an ongoing process, so ideas and suggestions on how to further develop the program are welcomed and may be sent to one of the addresses in the contact section. The personnel can use the program at work or at home. The program contains parts of the databases of hazardous materials of the various countries, so the database information available may differ from country to country. For further questions and information please contact us.