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Dear firefigthers,
Firstly I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Ralf Saupe. I live in Klinga, a little village in Saxony, Germany. I spend big parts of my free time to support our local firebrigade PR-wise. So I take pictures of all their actions and write articles for our local and regional newspapers. And I designed a webpage for our firefighters and their sponsors: At you can get the best impression of our work.
As you can see there the Klinga firebrigade consists of 35 firefighters, who are all volunteers. They are not only firefighting or work in the field of fire prevention - they and their sponsors also play an important role in the cultural life of our community. So we organise community parties, happenings for the kids in Klinga etc.
2007 is a very important year for the Klinga firebrigade: It will celebrate its 70th anniversary this summer. So I had the idea to contact firebrigades all over the world and ask them to send greeting cards and one of their patches (emblems) to Klinga. I want to frame all the greetings I’ll receive and give them as a present to our firefighters on the big celebrations in August and September 2007. I’m convinced this will be a great surprise for our firebrigade.
I would be very grateful if you enjoyed and supported this idea, too. It would be the greatest present for our firefighters (and me) if you could send your greeting card and, if possible, one of your patches to

Ralf Saupe
Kastanienweg 3a
04668 Parthenstein/Klinga

Many thanks in advance on behalf of the Klinga firefighters
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