welcome from bulgarian firefighters

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welcome from bulgarian firefighters

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Hello, from Association Ogneborets!
Association "Ogneborets"(Firefighter) is organization of professional firefighters in Bulgaria. "Ogneborets" independent, voluntary non-profit association of current employees of the regional fire departments and Emergency Department of the Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria. Key objectives are the protection of the association of professional and social rights of Bulgarian firefighters, raising the prestige of a profession ogneborskata and raising living standard of the firefighters.
In December 2005 Association "Ogneborets "grew into a national union of firefighters' Ogneborets

welcome to our site : http://www.firefighter-bulgaria.org/index.php
and forum : http://www.firefighter-bulgaria.org/forum/index.php
many pictures on http://www.firefighter-bulgaria.org/index.php?p=d2

P.S.: I apologize for bad English :D