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Exchange badge with Gasilci Radolvjlica

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Exchange badge with Gasilci Radolvjlica

Objava » 21. julij 2009, 11:26

I am a french young fire fighter trainee.
I am 14 years old.
I live in the east part of France, near town of Annecy.
I went with my parents visiting Slovenia two weeks ago.
I was welcomed by Gasilci of Radovljica.
Its Chief got me inside the fire station and showed me every equipment and vehicle they have: great for me! :)
I would have liked to exchange one badge from my fire station against one of his.
But it was impossible to find one of his Slovenian Gasilci.
We tried to see him again during a meeting of fire brigades in a little town in the nearabouts of Radolvjlica, but he was not there, and none of his collegue couldn't help us for the exchange, neither every people whe asked for it. :(
I would be very happy to communicate with him but I have no name and no email address... :?
Could somebody help me by calling his fire station in Radolvljica and tell him to send a message to my email address?:
We could exchange our badges via postal mail.
This guy was very sympathic for me.
Thank you in advance for every help! [-o<
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Registriran: 21. julij 2009, 10:45

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